It's mandatory for cranes in all Australian states to have Annual inspections, 10 year major inspections and 25 year major inspections & strip downs

What can Jatco offer you?

  • Annual Inspections with a written report (stored for future reference in our database)
  • 10 year Major Inspections with a written report on the result, including any repairs or maintenance required
  • 25 Year Major Inspections and Strip-Downs. We have done major inspections for numerous well-knows construction firms. Again these are documented and any work required is detailed, photographed and compiled into a report with a quotation.

Jatco can also provide you with:

  • CraneSafe Certification (Green Sticker)
  • Pre-Purchase Inspection and report (good insurance against getting caught with a lemon)
  • Full Workshop Facilities to get your machine serviced or repaired efficiency and professionally
  • Crane Parts at competitive prices