Your crane's maintenance is critical to your income:

  • Well maintained machines don’t breakdown unexpectedly  – this saves you:
    • Downtime
    • Lost earnings during repairs
    • Damaged reputation with your client (and whoever he talks to)
  • A good, well-documented maintenance history is very important , should you be unfortunate for your machine to be involved in a reportable incident (such as a tip-over, an oil spill or near miss with overhead electrical cables) WorkSafe Inspectors will want to examine your maintenance records in detail.

What can Jatco offer you?

  • Comprehensive, cost–effective crane maintenance and servicing in its up-to-date, well equipped workshop and onsite service trucks.
  • We inspect your crane, check its operation, photograph and faulty parts and give you a written report on any faults along with a performing any repairs needed.
  • Once you’ve approved the proposed work, your machine will be serviced, repaired and returned to you with written confirmation of the work completed.
  • Jatco keeps details on all work completed on our database, we can easily supply these records if you require them in future.
  • Full Abrasive Blasting & Painting Service

Unexpected breakdown on site?

  • Jatco has a fully equipped service fleet for onsite repairs in local or remote areas. Jatco can get your machine earning again.